Apple has come up with its own Augmented Reality platform for its iOS devices – ARKit. Developers make use of ARKit to build detailed AR experience for iPhones and iPads. ARKit was launched along with iOS11, an Apple device running on a Core A9, A10, A11 processors can use the ARKit apps.

The compatible devices include iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 plus, iPhone 8/8 plus, iPhone X, iPad Pro models and the 9.7 inch iPad (released in 2017).

ARKit uses the device’s camera, gyroscope and accelerometers to carry out environment mapping when the device is moved. Highly accurate location awareness is achieved by using the Sensor fusion of the inertial sensor data from the camera.

The software detects the visual features such as planes and tracks motion with the information from the inertial sensors. The light sources by which AR objects are lit are determined by the Camera.

Here’s a link to the Documentation of the ARKit. Using the link below, you can find out more information about Augmented Reality and ARKit, Building Your First AR Experience, Handling 3D Interaction and UI controls in Augmented Reality and much more stuff.

Easy for Developers?

The number of iOS devices which are now capable of running AR apps is very high but there are not enough skilled developers. To make it simpler, Udacity and Unity have pitched in to help.

Unity and Udacity have introduced new training methods to assist with the development of new generations of AR developer as the VR/AR industry is expected to be worth around a whopping $106 billion by the end of 2021.

Industries such as entertainment, healthcare, education and automotive can use AR to change their relationship with their customers, for example, IKEA’s Place App which uses Augmented Reality.

The major hurdle in the AR app development is with the developers as there are scarce skilled developers around. Jessica Lindl, Global Head of Education at Unity Technologies has the following to say: ‘Augmented and virtual reality are the future – so much so that the most influential companies in technology are betting big on their potential. It’s a great time for seasoned developers and newbies alike to sharpen their skills. We’re proud to work with Udacity to help equip developers today with the skills to create the apps of tomorrow.

Want to be a part of this Amazing Technology?

Interested developers can sign up for the Learn ARKit Here, the course for around $200 (for a month) through which they would learn how to build the ARKit Apps using Unity or Swift. Or go for a three month, six months Developer Nanodegree  course which teaches the cutting edge VR development skills.

Here is a small video of an AR App on an iPad:,review-4636.html

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Best AR apps so far?
Here are 5 best AR apps for iOS so far.

1. American Airlines
2. Chalk
3. Monster Park
4. Houzz
5. IKEA Place

Only time will tell whether Apples Augmented Reality turns out to be a success.

Until then?
Keep Slurrrrping!!

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