Valentine week starts on the 7th of Feb and ends with the Valentine day usually falls on the 14th of February and is celebrated around the world with joy and happiness. Happy Promise day is the 5th day in the Valentine week and is one of the most important days. Swearing is something that we seldom do after a certain age and if you are looking for a right cause to do, today is the best day for Promises. And promises related to health benefits both of you and after a few months, these promises may turn out to be healthy habits which you can carry throughout and stay fit & healthy.

The biggest gifts that you can get from each other is staying fit & fine, healthy & happy.

Quit Smoking:

When I meant ‘Quit smoking’ quitting it once for all. There could be many instances wherein you told your partner that you are not going to smoke and end you lighting a cigarette once you drop him/her at work. You will need to quit it completely, make a promise to your partner and post it on your social media. This will not let your colleagues and friends know that you are trying to quit.

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Detoxing is the second step that you will need to take in the mission of good health. Follow a good diet that helps you detox, if required you can meet a dietician.

Count your Pegs:

Limiting your alcohol saves you a lot of money and you will get more time to spend with your sweetheart/family. The time spent on your family will increase the bonds between you and the elders in the family will thank you for taking out time. Count your pegs, In other words, be a social drinker. You will not disappoint anyone if you start being a social drinker.

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Exercise Regularly:

We’ll need to pamper yourself for sure, some of us are over pampering. Thanks to the technology which doesn’t allow us to do anything manually. In this modern world, you will need to take time for yourself and start exercising regularly. 20 mins of exercise regularly might save you from dangerous health issues.

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Start with 20 mins and slowly increase the quota month by month till you think that you cannot spend more than the said time. It’s even better if you go out for a Jog or to the GYM with your partner.

Eat Healthily:

Almost everything that we eat these days is not healthy as they were before. In this changed world where everything is preserved and packed should be avoided. Always prefer for fresh foods instead of looking for convenience and choosing packaged foods.

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It is difficult in the initial stages to avoid all the junk foods and street foods that we are habituated to, however, you will need to make a continuous effort to avoid them all. Remember, your body loves naturally grown foods and healthy meats.

Keep a watch:

The secret of following the above strictly is sharing your progress with your partners/ lovers. Sharing your progress with your partners will not only build that trust between each other but also improves the transparency.

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These are the best promises that you can make on this Happy Promise Day 2018.