Padman movie review: Padman is a movie about Arunachalam Muruganantham who invented a low cost sanitary Pad making machine and spread that awareness about menstrual hygiene in rural India.

The advertising part of the movie Padman is taken path, there is a buzz on the social media about Padman. Most of the celebrities contributed to the advertisement part of the movie Padman.

Padman is a movie of biographical comedy genere written and directed by R Balki. Akshay Kumar is the lead actor in the movie, Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte played the lead actress roles.

Lakshmikant Chauhan (Akshay Kumar) is married recently to Gayatri ( Radhika Apte) and is concerned about her menstrual hygiene when he saw her using a dirty cloth when she was in her menstrual cycles. When Lakshmikant bought Gayatri sanitary pads she refused to accept as they are expensive. Lakshmi didn’t return them, due to an accident in his welding company, he used one of the pads to stop bleeding on one of his colleague’s hand.

He started experimenting with the other pads and try to make few pads and improvised when Gayatri mentioned that they are not serving the purpose. As people in India were not comfortable talking about Sanitary Pads earlier and treated girls who are going through the cycle as impure Lakshmikant wasn’t able to convenience his wife or his sisters in using his self made pads. His family left him because of his behaviour and he lost all the respect in his village.

Lakshmikant left his village trying to find out what is the difference between his Sanitary pads and the pads manufactured by bigger companies. Finally after 2 years he was able to figure-out that cellulose fibers are used in sanitary pads as they absorb better than cotton and stay dry.

He started learning the function of the big automatic machines that make Pads and customized his own machine that does the same work in less cost. Finally with the help of Pari ( Sonam Kapoor) his invention was brought to light and spread across the country.

Akshay Kumar’s ( Lakshmikant’s) invention is praised and has changed the lifes of Indian rural women. His little machine is spreading its roots through out the world and is studied by business schools.

The movie ‘Padman’ is inspiring and Akshay Kumar the super hero has done his role absolute. Radhika Apte’s  and Sonam Kapoor’s roles are played well by both of them. Though the behaviour of Lakshmikant wasn’t making any sense in the beginning, he did a great job at the end of the movie and his efforts are definitely payed.