Aanshik Surya Grahan/Partial Solar Eclipse can be witnessed on the 15th February 2018, this Surya Grahan comes after 2 weeks from the day of Super Blood Blue Moon Day. Aanshik in Hindi means Partial and Surya Grahan can be translated to Solar Eclipse.

We’ve witnessed Super Blood Blue Moon on the January 31st of 2018, which was a wonderful experience.

What is Aanshik Surya Grahan/Partial Solar Eclipse?

In a solar eclipse, the moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth blocking the Sun and even hides the Sun for a while. We wouldn’t be able to see the Sun for a while even if its day. In a partial Solar Eclipse, the Moon, the Sun, and the Earth don’t come in a line, the Sun is partially covered by the Moon and we would be able to see the shaded outer region of the Sun.

Can you see the Partial Solar Eclipse by your naked eye?

NASA suggests not to see any Solar Eclipse through naked eyes as it can damage eyes, it suggests using a special eye eclipse glasses to see the Eclipse. Do consult an expert for any advice.

Can Indian enjoy watching this Partial Solar Eclipse?

Well, we are left disappointed as it is only visible from South America, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and  Antarctica. NASA helps us watch the partial Solar Eclipse live through streaming and periscope.

What time will Partial Solar Eclipse 2018 occur?

The partial eclipse will begin on February 16 at 12:25 AM IST. The eclipse will reach its maximum at 2:21 AM and will last till 4:17 AM.