There is a reason why we say ‘Singh is King’. This fascinating story is about a Sardar by the name Reuben Singh, CEO of AlldayPA, and founder of Miss Attitude, which was a clothing brand popular back in the 90’s in the United Kingdom.

Reuben Singh started his business when he was 17 years old and had to shut it down due to losses in the year 2007. People assumed that he wouldn’t be able to recover the losses while Reuben Singh rose and regained the control over his business.

Recently, what Reuben Singh did blows your mind off when an Englishmen tried to mock him.

In his response, he challenged the Englishmen that he will match his Turbans to his Rolls Royce cars for an entire week and that is exactly what he did.

Source: Drivespark

According to Rolls Royce’s starting, RRP is £250,000 which is ₹22624668.

It is just not about Reuben Singh’s awesome collection of cars that he drives. Do you now that he launched Scholarship programs for young entrepreneurs? This Scholarship helps to pay the tuition fees of students for a complete academic year.

This is why they say ‘Singh is King’.

Needless to say that people from all communities came together to praise him for what he did.

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