The current man for the job, Virat Kohli, worked his way up to earn it with proven dedication. And today, he marks his 29th birthday, so we’d like to wish him a great day and since we’re a motoring website, we mostly want to celebrate his car collection. Kohli happens to be an avid motoring enthusiast and a quite a fan of Audi cars. You don’t have to be his close friend to find that out. He owns four Audis, one of which is the fastest ever from the brand. Click on to the next slides and gawp at the man’s prized collection of cars.

Kohli owns two R8s, one of which is a more powerful limited edition. Despite owning a V10 R8, the cricket sensation went ahead with the purchase of the R8 LMX, which also comes with a 5.2-litre V10 engine, but is tuned to produce 570 bhp along with 540 Nm. With great power, comes a greater price tag. The R8 LMX would’ve set him back Rs 2.97 crore.