The Winter Olympics 2018 games are going to start this Friday and over millions would watch the games online which is an advantage for the hackers and a good chance for cyberattacks.

According to the cybersecurity company McAfee’s uncovered operation GoldDragon, a malicious software attacking the servers of the organizations  which are officially part of the Winter Olympics 2018.


MaAfee expects phishing techniques to be performed by the hackers in Winter games cyberattack and asks the fans to be cautious while clicking on the spam links which redirects to similar trusted sites and collect your personal and financial information.

Beware & Stay Secured by following basic security measures:


Ensure you are not clicking on the fake links that redirects you to an anonymous website which spy your activities on your computer. Check the site’s legitimacy before clicking on it, all most all the phishing activities happen by forging legitimate sites.

Security Software to be updated:

If your device is connected to the Internet, the security software on your device should be up-to-date, provided you’ve turned on the automatic update option. If the security software is not updated, go a head and do that right now.

Straight to the site:

You found something interesting and would want to know more about it, try to avoid clicking on the phishy links instead visit the site URL directly or go a head and google the search term.

One of the safest things to do is to avoid downloading content/data from untrusted websites. You can also check the legitimacy of a website by clicking Here provided by Trend Micro.